Beach Republic offer formal lunches and dinners, cocktail receptions, drinks with canapes, or whatever you desire; and can arrange a variety of entertainment to make your gathering truly special. Accommodation is available in the private luxury villas and penthouses at Beach Republic The Residences. For very large groups we are please to be able to arrange additional accommodation.


    • Soulful Saturdays September 6thSoulful Saturdays September 6th
    • Sunday Sessions September 7thSunday Sessions September 7th
    • Soulful Saturdays September 13thSoulful Saturdays September 13th
    • Sunday Sessions September 14thSunday Sessions September 14th
    • Soulful Saturdays September 20thSoulful Saturdays September 20th
    • Sunday Sessions September 21thSunday Sessions September 21th
    • Soulful Saturdays September 27thSoulful Saturdays September 27th
    • Sunday Sessions September 28thSunday Sessions September 28th


    • Soulful Saturdays  October 4thSoulful Saturdays October 4th
    • Sunday Sessions October 5thSunday Sessions October 5th
    • Soulful Saturdays October 11thSoulful Saturdays October 11th
    • Sunday Sessions October 12thSunday Sessions October 12th
    • Soulful Saturdays October 18thSoulful Saturdays October 18th
    • Sunday Sessions October 19thSunday Sessions October 19th
    • Saturdays Sessions October 25thSaturdays Sessions October 25th
    • Soulful Sunday October 26thSoulful Sunday October 26th

For more information about Events at Beach Republic please contact us.